Your car has reached its end and it's time for you to part. But then, you'd like to get something from it still right? Then go ahead and scrap it!

There's still real money there if you know how to sell your scrap metal just right. Have an instant online quote from us NOW. We provide quotes on whatever type of cars, from scrap cars to salvage cars, and we guarantee to give you an honest-to-goodness value. NO ADMIN CHARGES, HIDDEN COSTS OR CANCELLATION CHARGES.

To be more than honest, we'd like to let you know that other than the weight and value of your car, your end-of-life car could be worth more than what you think. While we can definitely provide rough estimates for you, we are willing to discuss your car specifics with you, particularly if it is a classic. We will base the value calculation on authentic parts that collectors/enthusiasts are willing to pay much more for, on its rarity, as well as on other things that should be considered. Rest assured that we'll give you the most accurate value and offer a price that is beneficial and fair to both of us.